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Youtz & Valdez, p.c.

This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. 

-- Abraham Lincoln


Our Philosophy

Dedicated to excellence, at Youtz & Valdez, p.c., believe that working Americans deserve legal representation that is superior to the legal advice provided to America's wealthiest corporations.  With combined experience of more than twenty years in civil practice, Youtz & Valdez, p.c., fights for American values such as fair wages, the right to organize, equal access to justice, and the notion that corporations and insurance companies must honor their legal and ethical obligations.  Youtz & Valdez, p.c., believes that with zealous and intelligent representation, working Americans can succesfully enforce their legal rights in court, no matter how powerful the adversary.


:  For a free evaluation of your personal injury, consumer fraud or employment claim, just click on the .  You will receive a free legal evaluation of your claim, at no obligation, usually within 24 hours.



Practice Areas

Youtz & Valdez, p.c., focuses on three :


1.)     Personal Injury

We represent people injured by the carelessness or negligence of others.


2.)     Labor Unions

We represent labor unions in all aspects of their mission.


3.)     Consumer class action and wage and hour litigation

We provide consumers and workers with vital protection from corporations that cross the line from profit to fraud.


You may reach us at:

 (505) 244-1200 or on the web at    

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